This varies depending on the city that I may tour.

(In Las Vegas I am currently only available for outcalls)


My Vegas outcall rates:

One hour Get To Know You: $500

When One Hour isn't enough: (90 minutes) $700

A Sampling of Ecstasy: (2 hours) $900

....Longer Engagements are as follows....


Dining Indulgence:  $1,500

Bask in true companionship with a stunning and engaging girlfriend (GFE) where the experience melts with timeless conversation, laughter and total intimacy. Whether it is lunch or dinner, time will blur as we become completely engaged in each other.


Slumber Party:  $2,500

An intriguing evening that seemingly never ends. It begins with dinner and follows its own course as the night fades into morning and kisses over breakfast in bed. For reasonable consideration, our rendezvous can linger long into the day revealing a euphoric afterglow.


24- Day Decadence:  $4,000

I will be your mistress and dedicated girlfriend wrapped in your arms creating the times of our lives absorbing what Las Vegas is all about - Fantasy! Or, your town of course for a "Fly Me to You" Adventure. Like spontaneous teenagers with no concept of time we will dwell over lunch, linger in shops and maybe indulge in luxurious spa treatments or a day at the pool in a cabana. We will feed each other dinner and savor a fabulous wine before attending a spectacular show. What happens during the night is up to us!


Weekend Get-A-Way for Two:  $10,000

Your full time Girlfriend from Friday evening to Monday morning! This can be in Las Vegas, or anywhere in or out of the country! I am all yours for the entire weekend.


That's right...Who says that we have to depend on chance for both of us to be in the same city at once! I do offer Fly- Me-To-You arrangements where I will come to your city for longer engagements. Anywhere in the world. E-mail me for more details.

Please note that these rates are subject to change based on venue and city.


For dates of three hours or longer, I'll need to be fed so that I can keep up my energy!

For overnights and longer, please allow me seven hours of sleep and one hour to myself each day so that I can be rested and stay focused on our time!


Lastly, I absolutely adore extended dates. But dates longer than 24 hours require a special rapport and level of trust. These dates are reserved for gentlemen that I've met previously and have connected with.

Deposits: Depending on the venue and the circumstances of a particular appointment, I may ask for a deposit. Please respect my request as deposits both help to defray my costs and ensure my safety. Rest assured that deposits can be handled discretely!

Cancellation Policy: I know that we're both busy and that unforeseen circumstances do arise.  But if you do need to cancel, please know that there's a financial impact on me. Consequently, I require a 25% cancellation fee if you cancel within 24 hours of our scheduled appointment, and 50% if you cancel on the same day.