.....or how to make our time that much more fun...

Thank you for taking the time to peruse my website. You're just a step away from the sheer pleasure of my company but first there are a few things you should know. . .

Correspondence: Time is truly precious and I hate to waste it! There is no need to play "e-mail ping pong". PLEASE include all of the pertinent info in your first e-mail to me. As is in when and where you would like to meet and your verification info. Any correspondence that includes explicit references or inquiries regarding illegal activities will be immediately deleted without reply.  

When meeting for the first time:  
I ask that you discreetly present the consideration in a plain unmarked envelope in plain site within the first few minutes of meeting. Please be aware I will not discuss monetary issues during our encounter. And please don't make me have to remind you. If we are meeting out in a public setting please present it discreetly in some type of greeting card or a gift box.
I've always been a hygiene freak and am even more so as of recent events. I ask that you take a shower when you arrive. If I decide to establish more (Covid related) safety precautions in the near future I will list it here under this section of my website.

Courtesy Turns me ON. Being a kind and respectful gentleman goes a long way with me. Pushy, arrogant, and rude people are a total turn-off.

Please Note The Following: I do not, under any circumstances, allow filming or photographs during our date. If you attempt to do so, I will immediately end our date without further discussion.

 If you would like to bring something for us to enjoy together, here are a few of my favorite things - fresh berries, dark chocolate, champagne, and red wine, especially Bordeaux, Pinot Noir, and Cabernet Sauvignon.

 Lastly, this is supposed to be fun! Please don't overthink it. I'm here for you and you alone!